Slot Machines and Bubble Gum

So many people have lately given up smoking, and instead of cigarettes they chew bubble gum. Chewing bubble gum somehow relieves the oral desire for cigarettes. Therefore, it is no wonder that Jake’s Slot Machines and Mechanics Co. decided to manufacture slot machines that also dispense bubble gum.

The slot machines that dispense bubble gum are really unique. You can play the slot machines as usual, but if you are in the need for bubble gum as you play, there is a “bubble gum” button that you press and out comes one piece of bubble gum. Of course, there is no extra charge for the gum, but the slot machines only dispense one piece at a time.

The Slot Machines Bubble Games

Nowadays when you walk into a casino, you no longer see a smoke filled room. Instead, you find players at the slot machines all chewing and chewing. Jake’s Bubble Gum Slot Machines have become the rage. The casinos are advertising slot machines games as “Slot Machines Bubble Games”. Anyone who sees this ad understands that this will be a “smoke free” casino with bubble gum for free. It’s a unique way to play slot machines games!

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